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CSI Beta Readers

CSI beta readers
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Are you writing CSI fanfic and you want someone to check it for grammar, spelling, characterization, or anything else? Do you like to read CSI fanfic and would like to help out another writer by checking over their piece of fiction? Then this is the community for you!

Each post should have a header that indicates whether you are seeking a beta reader, or offering to beta-read a fic for someone. The content of the post should be as follows:

*If you are seeking a beta reader, you should include
  • the fandom (is it the original CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:NY, or a crossover of any of these with another CSI or another fandom?)
  • the length (word count or number of pages is fine)
  • the rating
  • the character(s) involved (pairing if there is one, etc.)
  • pairing type (is it slash, het, or gen?)
  • any warnings, i.e. nonconsensual sex, character death, etc.
  • the type of beta you're seeking, i.e. audience, grammar, spelling, Americanization, etc.
*If you are offering to beta read, you should include
  • the fandom(s) you are willing to beta
  • any rating you will not beta
  • any characters/pairings/groupings you will not beta, including slash vs. het vs. gen
  • anything else you will not beta, including specific sex acts, violence, etc.
There are three rules for this community:

1. Do not post unless you are specifically seeking a beta or offering to beta. Other posts will be deleted by the moderator.
2. Do not post fiction or links to fiction that describe sex with any person under the age of 18.
3. Do not post flames and do not respond to flames. Such posts or comments will be deleted.

As long as we all follow the rules, we can enjoy this community!

Check out the community that inspired this one: csi_slash