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Looking for a beta

Hey there,
I am looking for someone who'd be willing to beta my CSI: NY stories. The story will be Stella, Mac or Stella/Mac centered (some may also be Stella/Flack). I'll probably write 1-2 stories per week which I'd sent you over but I you don't need to get them back to me within a few hours. Feel free to take as much time as you need. If you can beta the story within one day - that's fine with me, if you need 2 weeks - fine with me either. The length of the stories will be very different. Probably 100-3000 words or something around that.
So, anyone? Help would be appreciated very much.

Oh, and before I forget, I'm no native speaker, so I need grammar and spelling help (the usual things :D )

Thanks in advance, Sabi

In Need of a Beta Reader

Hello i am Sharae, I am 17 years old and i need some help writting a fanfiction

I am trying to write a CSI: LV Fan fiction a slash story between Sara and Catherine i will be adding my own characters to the story  about 4 or more to the story but also keeping all the other charaters um i will have matched up will be Grissom and Lady heather, Warrick (still alive) and Wendy, Nick and Sofia, Greg and Other maybe. The rateings will range from PG13 to NC17. I have the bases of the story but i dont really know how to get started or who to make it a good story so please help..... Email if you are willing at diamond_princess.123@live.com

Thank you
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Beta Help

I am just now attempting to enter into the CSI fandom  and the world of slash  fanfiction. I am requesting a beta to read through my story and maybe provide some guidance and direction. It will be a continuation of Angus_honey's Bug Class. This is done with her permission.  If anyone is interested, e-mail me at murgy31@yahoo.com.  Thank you in advance....

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looking for a beta

Hey guys.

I'm looking for a beta for my fanfics. It's the first CSI: Miami fanfic I'm writing but I'm planing to write more in the future for a prompt table.

Fandom: CSI: Miam
Author: Sabi aka love_kate_walsh
Rating: PG-13 so far but since it's gonna be a multi chaptered fic it's going to change.
Pairing: Calleigh/Eric
Summary: a brief summary of your story
Type of beta: mostly grammar, spelling

Since it's going to be a multi chaptered fic I don't know the length yet but I guess each chapter will have between 1000 and 3000 words. Oneshots will probably be shorter.

I'd really apprechiate if someone could help me.

just kiddin

Beta needed

Hello everyone,

I'm in need of a beta for my stories. They are going to be oneshots concerning a table I'm working on.

Fandom: CSI: Miami
Author: Ayu (vampireslady)
Category (I'm listing everything that could come up): AU (has to be because of the pairing), drama, established relationship, romance, episode-related
Rating: PG-15/T
Pairing: Tim Speedle/Ryan Wolfe
Type of beta: spelling, grammar mostly

The lenght of each one-shot variates, but they are most likely short. I can't exactly say what would be the maximum lenght of a chapter/story, but I guess it would be around 3.000 words maximum. I have to get myself to write as much...

I would really appreciate, if someone would be able to help me.

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Back for these's

Beta Needed

The Fandom: Vegas, crossover with Miami
Length: Multi chapter - each chapter averages 1,500 to 2,500 words.
Rating: R
The Characters: All the main players, plus OC's
Paring: Nick & Sara. Slighty Calleigh & Speed
Any Warning: None
The type of beta, you're looking for: Grammar, Americanization, 

I need someone to take over for my current beta, so if anyone's interested lets us know. If you go to my profile page all my details are there my YIM or AIM.