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Beta Needed [Sep. 8th, 2007|04:42 pm]
CSI beta readers


    Hello, I'm relatively new to the CSI-verse and I'm seeking a beta (obviously). For me, a beta would have to have patience. I have school and an appalling amount of reading and papers to complete. I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas off, characterization, flow and occasionally grammar. Ah, here we go, the important information:

Fandom: CSI: NY
Word Count: I'm still in the process of writing, so it'll be chapter by chapter. Usually my chapters average 4,000 words.
Rating: It'll vary, but Chapter One is probably and R.
Characters/Pairings: Mac/Danny, eventually and a Mac/OC. The primary pairing is slash. The rest of the CSI: NY characters will make appearances. I've got no clue about any other possible pairings.
Warnings: As of right now...all I can think of is angst. And an OC that everyone is guaranteed to hate (which I'm expecting). More warnings will probably be added as the story gets to where its going.

If you agree, you can find my yahoo IM on my profile page. If anyone sees this tonight, I'll be on until about 11:00 or so. That's U.S. central time. And if you can't catch me tonight, Friday is my writing day.

Thanks and have a good night!